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Notes from Coping with Calamity Class

See people. Comfort them. Be there for them. (But don’t attempt any rescues)

Resist the urge to fix, to judge, to preach, to take a swing. (On paper or in person)

Challenge, coach. Ask why. (Without having the answers)

Be kind. Be patient. Be curious. Be yourself. (Flaws included)

Don’t hold back; invite everyone in. (Even if the house is a mess)

Practice mercy. Have faith. (In them and in you)

Laugh. (Whenever possible)

Rant. (Breathe in)

Listen. (Breathe out)

Write. (Love)

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    • You’re nice to say so, Karen. And I’d love to read your notes from the same class, since we’ve all been attending it together. Anytime you’d like to share, please do!

  1. Love this, Jill. Thank you! 🤗

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

  2. This is one of my favorites Jill! Thx. John

    • Thanks John. Doesn’t surprise me that you’d prefer less ranting from me. After all, you had a front-row seat at my Rant Fest for 20 years! But seriously, I am actively working on a more kind and gentle Jill. She’s in there somewhere…

  3. Ahhh, Jill. This is great. I especially related to the “resist the urge……”

    • Thanks Jane. Yes, you know how hard it is for me to resist the urge…I’ll keep trying!

  4. I’ll figure out how to print this out and tape it on the mirror!

    • I made it to your mirror? High praise indeed! Thanks Janet!

  5. Love the pix! And, your rules of civility remind me of George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility — the last one is: Labour to keep alive in your Breast that little spark of Celestial Fire called Conscience.”



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