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It’s just an old hatbox containing mementos collected by Antonina Jaworski, a Polish immigrant who arrived in Milwaukee in 1912. But to construction firm owner Harper Mitchell, Antonina’s great-granddaughter, the box and its mysterious contents force an impossible choice: Should Harper honor a promise to her Gramma Maggie to document the family history, secrets and all, before Maggie loses her memories to Alzheimer’s? Or should she acquiesce to her mother Rose, who begs her to keep long-held family secrets buried?

Imperfect Saints chronicles the lives of two immigrant families during the last one hundred years through the stories of four women, living and dead. Their experiences open a Pandora’s box of family secrets that could determine Harper’s future happiness—or, if she fails to heed her mother’s warnings, force her to reject the love of her life.

“Fake” news. “Fake” food. “Fake” boobs, butts and faces. Is it even possible to find anything real these days? And are we doomed as business owners, employees and entrepreneurs to “fake it” for eight hours each day at companies and organizations across America?

Organizational authenticity is attainable, declares Jill Morin, former executive officer of an international design firm, in Better Make it Real. However, it shouldn’t be the goal, she says, but the result of providing, consistently and continuously, an authentic “total experience” to your stakeholders–workers, customers, vendors, and other business partners. In other words, Morin affirms, authenticity isn’t a destination–it’s an ongoing journey that will serve to differentiate any organization in its marketplace, which too often is littered with fakes.

Morin’s recommended roadmap is Total Experience Design–a specific, step-by-step process for designing stakeholder experiences that are “authentic, intentional, and wholly integrated.”  In Better Make It Real, Morin offers a comprehensive guide to implementing Total Experience Design inside organizations of all types and sizes. She also shares behind-the-scenes stories from past clients including Google, Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinemas, the Mayo Clinic,, and numerous entrepreneurial enterprises.

Bottom line: Organizational authenticity is sorely lacking–and urgently needed. On the heels of the Great Recession, followed by the economic destruction of Covid-19, Morin rolls out a roadmap to “real”–helping executives and entrepreneurs find their way forward.

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