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About Jill J. Morin

Jill is an author, consultant, speaker and community activist. For twenty years, she served as executive officer, principal and director of Kahler Slater, an international architecture and design firm. During that time, Jill also served on a number of boards, commissions and committees. But these days, she is thankful her current community activities allow her to attend the few meetings she has in sweat pants.

During Jill’s time with the firm, she wrote Better Make it Real: Creating Authenticity in an Increasingly Fake World (2010, Praeger Publishing). The book chronicles Kahler Slater’s unique design approach with clients like Robert Redford, Google, Miller Brewing and the Mayo Clinic. She retired from the firm in June, 2011 to learn how to write fiction while working on her first novel. But she hasn’t spent the entire last decade behind a desk—she’s also learned to scuba dive (the Great Barrier Reef), continued her world travels (eleven countries so far), and jumped out of a plane (on purpose). Jill also enjoys taking daily walks, cooking, gardening, reading and of course, writing. She’s wife to Kent, mom to Kelsey and Nicholas and their respective spouses, Kyle and Jocelyn, and “Jamma” (Jill + Gramma = Jamma) to Zoe and her sister, Charlie. Another grandchild, Bennett (Benny) Morin, arrived in 2021 during a lovely Wisconsin snowstorm and was joined on Nov. 6, 2023 by a baby sister, MacKenzie Jane Ann (aka MJ, Kenzie, Sister, Mac–she’s still deciding).

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